Oil and Gas industry always faces unique challenges. From aging infrastructures to increasing security and environmental concerns, O & G consultancy focuses on assisting.

  1. Upstream
  2. Midstream and
  3. Downstream oil and gas companies to remain competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace.

In the field of Downstream Petroleum Products:

  1. Minimizing the Costs of Lubrication
  2. Lubricants and Lube Oil Blending Plants A-Z
  3. Grease Plant Design and Delivery A-Z
  4. Liquid Fuels Terminal Design, Operations and Maintenance
  5. Heavy Duty Fleet Operation and Maintenance
  6. Retail Service Station Design, Construction and Turn-key Delivery
  7.  Liquid Fuels: Distribution-Plant Operation and Maintenance

In the field of Management:

  1. Mitigating Risk in Organizations
  2. Small Company Restructuring
  3.  Internal Auditing Services
  4.  Call Center Design and Management

In the fields of Quality & Excellence:

  1. Excellence Model Applications and Award Participation
  2. Organizational Alignment and Governance Model
  3. Quality Management Systems ISO 9000:2009
  4. Integrated Management Systems

Facilities Management and Operations

Facilities Management and Operations is the total operation and maintenance of a facility. Components of the Facilities Management and Operations include:

  1.  Supply and management of a highly skilled, well-equipped workforce.
  2. Operations and maintenance programs customized to each facility
  3. Computerized Maintenance Management ( software )
  4. Subcontract management
  5. Materials purchasing
  6. Quality control, technical training and safety programs



Secure Your Career

If you believe that you have the right credentials and experience to work for us, then we would like to hear from you. We operate at the very top end of consultancy services so you should have a strong track record of success within the oil and gas industry. You should also be an excellent communicator and have a customer-first attitude with a passion to deliver the highest value to our clients.  If you believe you fulfill these criteria then please email your CV to contact. We currently offer all our services in English, Arabic, Italian, Urdu and Hindi. Whenever required, we arrange for translation.
Should there be a specific area or niche of expertise not offered, we will work on finding the required expertise once this has been discussed in detail with you. Contact us to join


We Offer Community Services

We offer volunteer programs/services as a sort of add-on in interest of community on our behalf or on behalf of our clients: 

Provide Free lectures (Full Day or Half Day) to Institutes, Universities, Non-profit Organizations & Community Centers.

If you willing to avail this service as part of your Corporate Social Volunteer Programs, please do not hesitate to contact us .